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Business Interruption Insurance

If you suffer a business interruption, you don’t want to be worrying about financial loss to your business as well as the physical loss.

This is where Business Interruption Insurance (or Business Continuity Insurance) comes in. In the event that you suffer a physical loss of business assets this insurance is there to help minimise the financial impact to your business due to the interruption to your normal operations.

Business interruption insurance is designed to help you carry on your business through the event and after the damage has been repaired. The cover funds your increased operational expenses and injects lost profits into your balance sheet.

Liability Insurance

Cyber Insurance

Technology is a key asset and driver of most businesses in this day and age. Unfortunately, this means added risks around data protection and network security. Hackers don’t discriminate, and anyone with a website, computer, email address, phone or EFTPOS terminal is a target.

Cyber insurance can help businesses manage and recover from a cyber related event. This includes cases of ransomware, viruses, malware infection, DDoS (denial of service) attack, or loss of data and privacy breach. Policies can cover business income loss and help minimise reputational damage after you’ve experienced an attack.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Businesses that provide opinions, advice, design or specification run the risk of claims against them if the advice or design turns out to be unsatisfactory.

Even if you’re not at fault, you may have to spend significant amounts on legal fees to prove that the liability isn’t yours.

Professional indemnity insurance covers the risk of making a professional mistake: an act, error, omission or through conduct or being misinterpreted.

Motor Insurance/ Commercial/ Heavy Motor & Mobile Plant


Property Insurance

Material damage cover insures a business owner against loss or damage to physical assets including buildings, contents, plant and equipment, fitout and stock.

‘Stock’ is anything that moves through your business, while ‘plant’ is anything you use to
run your business.

Together they make up the physical contents of your business which if damaged, could present a huge financial risk for your company.

Contract Works/Builders Risk Insurance

If you’re building, renovating or making alterations to a house or property, contract works insurance provides cover for accidental loss or damage that may occur during the project.

It can provide cover for both residential and commercial construction projects.
Contract works insurance is also known as ‘construction insurance’, ‘Builders All Risk’ or ‘Contractors All Risk’ insurance in New Zealand.

Rural Insurance

Working on the land with machinery, livestock and people comes with a unique set of risks.

We work with farms throughout the country to mitigate these risks and help get operations back up and running as quickly as possible after something unexpected happens.

Marine Insurance (Cargo)


Cargo insurance insures property while in transit against loss or damage caused at sea – as well as associated land and inland waterways. Loss or damage could be due to a range of risks such as dock strikes, rogue waves, heavy seas, loss of refrigeration or even earthquakes impacting containers on land.

Marine Insurance (Hull)


Marine hull and liability insurance covers damage or loss to the vessel, including its machinery and equipment, as well as legal liability to any third party due to negligence related to the vessel’s operations or the actions of masters or crew. With our broad experience in marine hull and liability insurance, our specialists can give you expert advice and guidance on getting the right cover to suit your needs.

Home & Contents Insurance

For most New Zealanders the family home is the largest asset they’ll ever own. This means it’s essential to protect it now with the right insurance cover. After all, no one wants to discover they’re inadequately insured when it’s too late.

Business Insurance

We work closely with SME business owners from a range of industries and are experienced developing risk management solutions for clients with similar business challenges to you.
We work with you to get a thorough understanding of the nuts and bolts of your business, and recommend insurance cover to meet your needs. We use our market scale and relationships to negotiate effective and cost-efficient terms for you.

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