Protecting your business
Business insurance is designed to ensure your business can function in the event or if there is an issue with any of your key personnel. Having business insurance plans in place will protect you the right combination of business continuity insurance, income protection, shareholder protection or key person insurance right through to providing savings for ACC and group medical insurance.
Our business insurance plans are tailored to give you the protection (and savings) you need – while factoring in your real, unique circumstances now and down the track. As with all insurances; your business insurance needs to affordably protect you against your prioritised risks to ensure that your business can function and your people get paid, if disaster strikes.
Every business is different. We just help you assess your overall risk and provide you with clear options that will provide the real protection that you actually need.
 Business Continuity Insurance & Income Protection
Business continuity insurance provides security in the event of damage to buildings, plant or stock as well as for circumstances where a business owner or partner is unable to work through death or disability. Have business insurance plans in place ensures your business (and shareholders) can continue even in the face of disaster. Structuring business continuity insurance means understanding the big picture to ensure you’re properly covered against your real risks. 
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Shareholder Protection
Death or disability can force change on your ownership structure and without a formal share purchase / partnership agreement in place, your business can grind to a halt until the paperwork is sorted. Worse, without adequate access to funds, the business shares can usually be sold outside of an agreement – potentially leaving existing shareholders ‘in the cold’. Business insurances including key person insurance provide future certainty for everyone in your business.
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Group Medical Insurance
Group medical insurance gives your people more affordable access to health / medical insurance throughout your business. Not only can policies be structured to provide key person insurance cover, they can help keep your whole team fit and healthy long into the future. The cost of lost time, lost productivity is high. Structuring group medical insurance in the right way can help offset future potential losses from medical and health issues – organisation wide. 
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