Protecting you and your family
Structuring your income protection, life protection, medical insurance, trauma cover and mortgage protection depends on your current needs and where you are headed. Our job is to guide you through all your options to formulate the policy that will truly deliver at claims time. And by deliver, we mean now and in the future. We can offer built in options including; guaranteed renewability, agreed value of percentage payments, a selection of benefit terms (from 2 years to life), premium waivers while on claim or in short duration of claim, disability benefits, vocational retraining, and optional special considerations for specific vocational support, childcare and home benefits. Bottom line, your insurances need to line up seamlessly and be affordable. We’re best placed to help you determine your priorities and make more of your budget.
Income Protection
Income protection insurance is essential for anyone with a partner or a family dependent on the insured's income. It protects your greatest asset - your ability to earn. Should you suffer an illness or injury that stops you doing your current job, your income protection policy will step in after an agreed stand down period and pay you an agreed percentage of your gross income for the duration determined by your policy. We structure income protection for you.
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Life Insurance
Life insurance is geared to provide the means for your family to continue financially when you’re no longer there. It can be structured to cover funeral costs, living costs and debts including mortgages and credit card bills. Some products are more suited to a short term arrangements and others offer scalability and flexibility over time. We guide you through your options and your compatible insurances to make sure you’re covered in the best possible way. 
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Trauma Cover
Just as life insurance provides for your family in the event of your death, trauma cover provides in the event of a serious illness or condition. Your trauma cover can be structured in a number of ways; from comprehensive cover to a lump sum payment on diagnosis. You can even choose to insure only for ‘major conditions’. There are also policy options for business and standalone options for children. The choices are yours. 
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Mortgage Protection
Mortgage protection policies come in all shapes and sizes, ensuring your mortgage is taken care of whether you’re made redundant or are unable to work due to accident or illness. As with all your insurances, our job is to make sure you have the full protection you need for your unique circumstances. Mortgage protection with us, is structured in line with your other insurances and the risk factors that are specific to your situation. 
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Medical Insurance
Medical insurance gives you options to choose your health services and fast track your health care when you need it. In many cases, early assessment and early treatment produces better outcomes. Medical insurance allows you to opt in to faster, paid-for services when you don’t want to wait. You can choose the types of services you may want to access and as always, we help you identify your priorities to make more of your budget.  
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