How we work
Our focus is on insurance that protects all aspects of your life. To be effective; whether for life insurance claims or business insurance claims; we have to focus on getting the right insurances for you at the outset.  Then we follow up with long term, personal service to keep you on the right track, as your circumstances change.
We have a process of identifying your requirements and matching you to the ideal product and insurance company. It’s about your values. It’s about your priorities. It’s about what you need at claim time. From business insurance claims to life insurance claims and more – we ensure you have a tailor-made protection plan that is right for you, and your budget.
Our job is to help you build a safety net; one that is effective enough to enable people to ‘stay in their own world’.  We know that when people suffer loss, financial issues can be a burden too much. Knowing your protection is in place, gives you and the people you care about a future gift that goes far beyond money.
How we deliver
Future planning isn’t just about understanding where you are currently at; it’s also about knowing where you are going. We look for the best short and long term options once we understand the kinds of protection you need. Your ‘safety net’ will change over time. We make sure it’s hole-proof, now and down the track.
Rather than ‘picking’ a figure of insurance, we have a process we work on together to come up with your ideal value of cover. Our focus is always on claim time – what will really deliver should you have home insurance claims, business insurance claims, life insurance claims or more.
Our assessments are not set in stone – we build in the flexibility you need for future changes. We also make sure you’re not paying twice for the same thing and that you’re not left at risk in areas you don’t know about. We deal with many different insurance companies, but we’re always working for you. And our 100% claims record shows how much confidence we have in our policies, and just how we ‘go to bat’ for our clients.
“Jill had all the answers and varying quotes provided to us instantly with no pressure, just reassurance that we are heading towards the correct decision for us in the end. Her advice and experience has been reassuring and we have felt confident in her care, as our situations have changed over the years.”
Joe and Janice J. Tauranga.
We work with...
We deal with multiple insurance companies so can provide you with a range of products for the most competitive quotations. 
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How we get paid
We’re paid by the insurance company at the completion of the ‘sale’; i.e. when you sign your policy, and if you cancel the policy in the first two years – we pay the commission back. What this means is that we’re motivated to find the right, affordable insurances for you at the outset. It means the plans we help you put in place are the ones we really believe you’re going to stay happy with… over time.
Renewals of your policy also pay a commission to us. And that means we stay invested in your future wellbeing - making sure the policies we put in place will have the built in flexibility, to continue to deliver, as and when your circumstances change.
Good insurers refer clients to brokers like us because they know we take the burden of ongoing care from them. From simple home insurance claims to business insurance claims, life insurance claims and more – we’re remunerated to make sure you have the right protection in place. And when you have a need, we know exactly why and how to get your claim approved.
“We're always working for our clients, making sure the policies are claimable from the outset. We go into bat for our clients when needed and they trust us for those reasons.